Jul 30, 2014
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Restaurant Review: Avenue Bistro in Mt. Airy

This restaurant takes you back to the good old days—in a good way.

Restaurant Review: Avenue Bistro in Mt. Airy


Address: 7220 Germantown Ave., Mt. Airy, PA 19119
Rating: (out of 5 stars): ★★★
Style: Casual American eatery
Food: Burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and breakfast items
Atmosphere: Warm and welcoming
Parking: Street parking
Service: Very friendly
Price Range: Most items are under $10
Unique Feature: This place has various meal deals including a side and drink for $6.

In a city where finding breakfast can be difficult at times, offers breakfast, lunch and early dinner at wallet-friendly prices.

The recently opened storefront has already had its first TV appearance (its actual air time is in the distant future) and warm reception from the neighborhood. The approachable menu has American classics made from scratch ranging from eggs and home fries to a corned beef special with chips and a drink for $6. 

, I couldn’t stop thinking about the chicken salad and bacon sandwich he had mentioned. So I arrived for an early-ish lunch and ordered the chicken salad sandwich with potato salad and a drink that was on special.

I watched as Tyree took out a whole head of iceberg lettuce to garnish my sandwich, removed containers from the refrigerator as he cooked and asked me questions. I chose white toast (other options included rye or whole wheat) and opted for the potato salad, although I could have also had home fries or a bag of chips. I was feeling particularly old fashioned as I ordered a black coffee (La Colombe) to go with it all.

The sandwich was brimming with white breast meat and plenty of crunchy cubes of celery and onion. The mayonnaise based dressing was flavorful and wonderfully savory. I could taste hints of yellow mustard as well as some other acidic components that provided balance and rounded out the rich mayo. There were so many pieces of crisp and hearty bacon that were literally falling out of the sandwich, and I appreciated the interplay of cool and hot elements in the sandwich.

The potato salad was a pleasant surprise. The potato was fork tender and the mayonnaise was not cloying. This salad also had some acidic elements in the form of vinegar and diced pickled peppers which, again, worked together in harmony. The diced onion and celery again provided textural contrast and their own individual flavors. I almost felt like I was at a picnic with this decidedly delightful summer combination of chicken salad and potato salad.

The black coffee was enjoyable on its own, but required some sugar and cream as it got cold. Those of you who have read my writing know that I am an unabashed La Colombe junkie. It says something when a casual eatery is committed to serving such fine coffee.

The service is unbelievably friendly. I loved seeing all the different types of people that frequented the restaurant. There were students, businessmen, other chefs, writers and random people from the neighborhood. People stopped in for a burger, a cup of coffee or just some polite conversation.

Avenue Bistro! is reminiscent of another time, when people actually knew the people that made their food as well as each other. A time when you could get a good home made meal for under ten dollars and not worry about where the ingredients came from. Avenue Bistro! may have just opened but eating there takes you back to the good old days. 

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