Jul 29, 2014
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Cranberry Firefighters Honor Members, Appoint Officers

Awards handed out to firefighters include "Rookie of the Year" and "The Chief's Award."

Cranberry Firefighters Honor Members, Appoint Officers Cranberry Firefighters Honor Members, Appoint Officers Cranberry Firefighters Honor Members, Appoint Officers

The Cranberry Township Volunteer Fire Company had its annual awards and installation dinner Saturday.

Volunteers, township employees and local and state elected officials attended the gathering, which offers the company an opportunity to recognize the contributions of its members as well as swear in officers for 2013.

Bruce Mazzoni, chairman of the Cranberry Board of Supervisors, swore in the new officers, including Brian Kovac, who once again was appointed chief. Bruce Hezlep also retained his post as president of the company.

Awards also were presented to firefighters for attaining training milestones.

Essentials of Firefighting:

  • Dave Anderson
  • Ryan Kahsar
  • Bill Ahlgren
  • Andrew Bell
  • Andrew Parroto
  • Bobby Ritenour
  • Forrest Rothrock

    Firefighter I:

    • Andrew Bell
    • Forrest Rothrock
    • Ryan Kahsar
    • John Renyck
    • Brandon Ross

    Firefighter II

    • Ryan Kahsar
    • Shawn Thomas
    • Sean Hayden
    • Rich Kisic

    Fire Officer I:

    • Larry Clutter

    Fire Instructor I:

    • Larry Clutter
    • Chris DeCree
    • Jeff Gooch
    • Dennis Kimmel
    • Brian Kovac
    • Dave Mack
    • Mark Nanna
    • David Watkins
    • Mike Hanks
    • Sean Hayden
    • Bruce Hezlep

    Fire Police:

    • Joe Minkel
    • Chad Straessley

    Hazardous Materials Technician:

    • Dennis Kimmel

    Other members were recognized for their elected positions and for their longtime service with the company:


    • Ben Ross

    Longevity Awards:

    • Tom Hodder – 40 Years
    • Rick Cook – 30 Years
    • Gene Winters – 30 Years
    • Paul Brown – 25 Years
    • Jim Sines – 20 Years
    • Tim Barch – 10 Years
    • Bruce Hezlep – 10 Years
    • Jim Robinson – 10 Years
    • Nathan Kimmel – 5 Years
    • Shawn Thomas – 5 Years

    Several firefighters were recognized for exceptional performance throughout the year. The awards were based on votes from fellow volunteers, Fire Chief Brian Kovac or company President Bruce Hezlep:

    Rookie of the Year: Bobby Ritenour

    Brigade Member of the Year (Voted by members): Dennis Kimmel

    Company Member of the Year (Voted by members): Carolyn Nelson

    Chief’s Award: Dennis Kimmel

    President’s Award: Carolyn Nelson

    The board members for 2013 are:

    President: Bruce Hezlep

    Vice President: John Kontros

    Secretary: Carolyn Nelson

    Treasurer: Jim Cole

    1st Director: Jim McConnell

    2nd Director: Tom Klingensmith

    The officers appointed for 2013 are: 

    Chief: Brian Kovac

    Assistance Chief: Todd Rice

    1st Captain: Larry Clutter

    2nd Captain: Dennis Kimmel

    1st Lieutenant: Dave Mack

    2nd Lieutenant: Jeff Gooch

    Rescue Officer: Mark Nanna

    Fire Police Captain: Jim Robinson

    Fire Police Lieutenant: Ben Ross


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