20 Aug 2014
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Merry Christmas from Cranberry Patch!

Share your Christmas wishes with Cranberry Patch readers. Plus, learn how to put Patch to work for you in 2013.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas—and a Happy New Year from Patch!

We’d like to give our readers the opportunity to wish their loved ones a Merry Christmas today. Leave a greeting or a holiday memory of a special someone in the comment section below and have it appear (prominently) in our shout out box.

As we move into 2013, we want to remind you that this is your site—and you can use it to your advantage.

Help make this site a better representation of what's going on in the community by adding the events you know about to the Cranberry Patch  events calendar and announcements page.

Our event calendar and announcements page are great for things such as fundraisers, classes, garage sales, shows, concerts — anything where you would need to know the when and where. Oh, and it’s free!

The video above explains how to post info to the events calendar. It's incredibly easy.

Here's a step-by-step:

  1. Log in to Patch. You can log in and register by clicking on Sign Up or Login in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  2. Click on " Events" on the top of the page.
  3. At the bottom of the Events page, click "Add an Event."
  4. Give your event a title.
  5. Choose a date, starting time and end time. If your event repeats, check the box that says "This event happens more than once or is an ongoing event."
  6. Under "Where," type in an address or the name of a location. If adding an address, include the city and the zip code so the site knows where to place the event. Once you have a location, click on that location to save it.
  7. Fill out a description for your event. Tell us why we should be there and what to expect at the event.
  8. If you'd like to add photos, videos or a flier, click "Choose files to upload." You can upload JPGs, PNGs, PDFs and multiple types of videos.
  9. Choose a category and fill out all the relevant information, such as who the event is best for, the price, a contact number or email address, website, etc. Think about what you would want to know if you were planning to go to an event.
  10. Click "Post My Event."

How to post an announcement:

The steps are very similar except you click onto the Announcements link under the "NEWS" tab along the blue bar at the top of the screen. Then click "Add Announcement" on the right side of the screen.

Once again, just give your announcement a catchy headline where it says Title, and post the rest of your info in the Description area. Click a category below the title (which tells the readers what the Announcement is about) and click Post My Announcement at the bottom of the screen.

It will post onto the website in a few minutes. Feel free to post Internet links in the story and upload as many photos as you want.

If you have any questions, just email editor Jessica Sinichak at Jessica.Sinichak@patch.com. 

Thank you again to all our readers for supporting Cranberry Patch over the last two years. We look forward to celebrating many more holidays in the community.

We hope your holiday is a special one. Merry Christmas from your friends at Patch!

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