21 Aug 2014
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Tells Us: What's the Worst Intersection in Cranberry?

Which road, red light, or stop sign do you try to avoid?

Tells Us: What's the Worst Intersection in Cranberry?

Just before the New Year, Cranberry Patch asked readers what they would like improve in the area in 2013.

Some of the suggestions were adding more sidewalks and hiking trails to the community as well as allowing dogs in all of the Cranberry’s parks. One familiar theme that emerged was more traffic improvements, specifically widening Freedom Road and Route 228.

This week, we’re asking readers to tell us, what is the worst intersection in the Cranberry area?

In the last year, the township has erected, or plans to add, a number of traffic signals at intersections. These include signals at new businesses, like the one in front of the new Cranberry Crossroads Plaza and at the intersection of Longtree Way and Franklin Road near the new Hilton Garden Inn.

Cranberry also took several steps towards improving some of the community’s more dangerous intersections. 

As a result of an increase in traffic accidents, Cranberry in August changed the traffic pattern at the intersection of Route 19 and Glen Eden and North Boundary Roads. Motorists now have to wait for a green arrow before turning left at the intersection with North Boundary and Glen Eden roads from Route 19.

Plans also are underway to add a traffic signal at the intersection of Route 19 and Ehrman Road where the new Sheetz gas station and convenience store is being built. Township manager Jerry Andree said adding a signal to the intersection, where several accidents have occurred over the years, has been a top request by residents.

Other recently added signal are at Franklin Road with Peters Road, at Freedom Road with Haldeman Drive and at Rochester Road with Graham Park Drive.

So, we want to know, are there other intersection where you would like to see improvements? Which intersection in the Cranberry area is the worst in your opinion and how would you fix it?

Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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