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Local Candidates Prepare for Tuesday Primary Election

Polls open Tuesday at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

Local Candidates Prepare for Tuesday Primary Election

The following are the candidates running for local office in Tuesday's primary election, according to the Bucks County Board of Elections office.

Pennsylvania has a closed primary, meaning that only party members can vote for candidates in their party. Democrats vote for democrats, and republicans vote for republicans. Independents cannot vote in the primary election.

If you are unsure where to vote,  visit this site and input your address. Polls open at 7 a.m. and remain open until 8 p.m.

The general election takes place November 5, 2013. The last day to register for the general is October 7.

Central Bucks School District (4-year terms)

Region 4 (vote for one)

  • Jerel P. Wohl (inc.)

Region 5 (vote for one)

  • Paul Faulkner (inc.)
  • Michael St. John
  • Eric Kieschnick

Region 7 (vote for one)

  • Stephen Corr (inc.)

Region 9 (vote for one)

  • John Gamble (inc.)

 Buckingham Township

Supervisor (6-year term)

  • Paul Calderaio (R)
  • Michael Hutkin (D)

Tax Collector (four year term)

  • Ann Calderaio (R)
  • Lisa Ganzer (D)

Auditor (six year term)

  • Harry Veni (R)

Doylestown Borough

Mayor (four year term)

  • Bruce Rutherford (R)
  • Ronald Strouse (D)

Tax Collector (four year term)

  • Anastasia Przybylski (R)
  • Kari Williams Tyksinski (D, inc.)

Borough Council (four year term)

1st Ward (vote for two)

  • Jim Aldredge (R)
  • Charles F. Scott (R)
  • Det Ansinn (D, inc.)
  • Noni West (D, inc.)

2nd Ward (vote for two)

  • Joe Flood (R)
  • Louis Mintzer (R)
  • Jack O’Brien (D)
  • Kevin Kelly (D, inc.)

3rd Ward (vote for two)

  • David Laustsen (D, inc.)
  • Susan Madian (D, inc.)

Doylestown Township

Supervisor (six year term, vote for two)

Tax Collector (four year term)

  • Diane E. Scott (R)
  • Sarah J. Tomlinson (R)

Auditor (six year term)

  • Patricia Medd (R, inc.)
  • Stan Durey (D)

New Britain Borough

Mayor (four year term)

  • David Holewinski (R, inc.)

Borough Council (four year term, vote for four)

  • Robert Belchic (R, inc.)
  • Craig A. Sturza (R, inc.)
  • Mary Pat McGinn-Holewinski (R, inc.)
  • Margaret Remmey (R, inc.)
  • Robyne Kelemen (D)
  • Lori Kesilman (D)

Tax Collector (four year term)

  • Richard Sabol (R, inc.)

New Britain Township

Supervisor (six year term)

  • A. James Scanzillo (R, inc.)
  • John T. LaSala (D)

Tax Collector (four year term)

  • Nancy B. Jones (R, inc.)

Auditor (six year term)

  • Douglas Hunt (R)

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