Jul 27, 2014
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Will Sandy Cancel Trick or Treating?

Doylestown Borough officials said they have no authority over trick-or-treating, so the decision is up to parents.

Will Sandy Cancel Trick or Treating?

UPDATE Wed. 11:20 a.m.

Warrington Township has postponed Trick or Treating until Saturday, Nov. 3 from 2 pm - 5 pm.

Buckingham Township is not postponing Trick or Treating. The neighborhoods of Devonshire and Cold Spring Hunt plan to go tonight, Supervisor Jon Forest said.

Doylestown Township "Nobody's cancelling trick or treating," said Supervisor Barb Lyons. "It's going to be a neighborhood by neighborhood decision."

The neighborhood of Doylestown Lea reportedly has decided to postpone Trick or Treating until Friday.


Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people in Bucks County and closed schools and business.

But kids around Doylestown had only one question on their minds on Tuesday.

What about Trick or Treating?

But those who are looking for an answer from local officials won't find much of one in the Doylestown area.

Some municipalities do designate a particular night for Trick or Treating, but Doylestown Borough, at least, isn't one of them.

Borough government does not have authority over when children trick-or-treat, leaders said. John Davis, who has been borough manager since 1994, said he can't remember borough officials ever getting involved with trick or treat night.

Borough Council president Det Ansinn said Tuesday it is up to parents to decide whether to send their children out trick or treating.

"It's been a popular question today, but my understanding is that trick or treating is on Wednesday, like usual," Ansinn said. "Certainly folks should be cautious and only go out if they feel it's safe to do so, but that decision is up to them."

In some cases, neighborhoods themselves can decide whether to go ahead with or postpone trick or treating. Some, in particular those with homeowners' associations or similar organizations, may find it easy to communicate amongst each other and choose a better date, if warranted.

We will reach out to other Doylestown-area municipalities on Wednesday when offices are expected to reopen for further guidance.

If anyone has information regarding trick-or-treating in your particular municipality or neighborhood, please post it in the comments to let others know.

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