Jul 29, 2014

Get Ready: Here Comes National Coupon Month

If you haven’t used coupons in the past, September is a great time to start.

Get Ready: Here Comes National Coupon Month

Did you know the first coupon was a hand-written discount for Coca-Cola in 1886? Thank you Coca-Cola! For our family, it’s nearly sacrilege to purchase something without applying some sort of coupon, discount card, or promo code.

As a matter of fact, I stopped by McDonald’s on a whim this past week, pulled into the parking lot, and realized I had left my coupon book in the other car. It occurred to me to pull back out and drive all the way home just to get that coupon I had for “Buy One, Get One Free Menu Sandwich.” It felt sinful to make a purchase without using a coupon. I’m still asking for forgiveness!

That’s why it’s so exciting to be approaching a time of year that recognizes our favorite little scraps of paper. That’s right! September is National Coupon Month!

According to National Coupon Month‘s Web site 92 percent of shoppers have changed their grocery shopping behavior over the past two years. That’s saying a little something about our economy!

Did you know that spending 20 minutes a week clipping could save you over $1,000 annually? Whether it's for groceries, dining out, or household maintenance, coupons add up. It's time to start using them!

Here are some easy resources for those of you who might feel inspired to celebrate National Coupon Month this September.

Manufacturer Inserts in Newspapers

Most of the practical grocery coupons are distributed in the Sunday paper. Even if you don’t subscribe, it makes sense to stop by a “dollar store” to get a copy – just for the coupon savings you’ll get in return. You’re almost guaranteed to find at least a few dollars off products you use on a daily basis.

Store Inserts

In addition to the usual manufacturers’ coupons, stores such as CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid occasionally offer clippable coupons in their weekly circulars. Make sure you consider these stores for household supplies like laundry detergent and toilet paper. Sometimes their store specials in addition to their coupons can lead to better savings than the grocery stores.

Web Sites

Online sources such as CouponMom.com offer great savings. Educate yourself on the Web site of your choice, and you’ll be saving more money than you ever imagined!


How often have you flipped through the pages of a magazine and skipped right over free money? YES! There are clippable coupons in your Women’s Day and Ladies’ Home Journal magazines. I can’t say the same for Men’s Health or Wired, but you never know!


Many stores are starting to offer coupons right on the back of your sales receipts. Have you noticed? Don’t toss the receipt after you pay. Start a system either in your wallet or in a separate coupon envelope to track the coupons you get from your favorite stores and fast-food joints.


Most residents in the Lehigh Valley receive that “blue envelope” in the mail at some point or another. Valpak is full of great deals specific to your location. Don’t toss it with the junk mail. This little blue envelope can probably save you a few bucks if you take a minute to browse through the offers.

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