Jul 30, 2014

St. Ann Causing Parking Problems on 6th St., Resident Says

Maggie McElroy, 432 S. 6th St., approached Emmaus Borough Council last night to ask for help with the parking problems in her neighborhood.

St. Ann Causing Parking Problems on 6th St., Resident Says

Maggie McElroy and her neighbors are unhappy and they are hoping that Emmaus Borough Council can help.

That’s why, McElroy, who lives across from St. Ann School at 432 S. 6th St., addressed council at last night’s meeting, asking council to do something about “the craziness of parking and driving” on S. 6th Street.

Specifically, McElroy said that the road is quite busy during the pick-up and drop-off times for St Ann School, as well as when parents are dropping off and picking up children for CCD classes on Wednesday nights.

“We (the residents) are very unhappy,” McElroy said. “We need to work together as far as the school and the residents go so that everybody is happy.”

McElroy told council that she recognizes that she lives on a block with on-street parking and is not guaranteed a parking space in front of her home, but she stressed that her issues go beyond whether or not she is able to park in front of her house.

McElroy said she is concerned for the safety of the children she sees being picked up after dark on S. Sixth Street and wonders why parents aren’t using the St. Ann’s parking lot which is better lit than S. 6th Street.

“It’s a kind of laziness,” she said. “They all just want to loop and swoop and there are all the kids running in the dark.”

McElroy also asked whether her block could be given resident parking permits like the area around Emmaus High School, adding that she has family that lives near the high school.

McElroy’s concerns were referred to council’s Public Safety Committee, headed by Councilman Brent Labenberg. The next Public Safety Committee meeting is on Feb. 14 at 3 p.m. in Emmaus Borough Hall.

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