Jul 30, 2014

Upper Milford Man Charged for Poor Table Manners

Police say he cursed and spit inside restaurant.

Upper Milford Man Charged for Poor Table Manners

Something wasn't sitting right recently with a patron in an Upper Milford Township restaurant.

Was it the food, the service or the company? Police weren't specific, but they said an Allentown man began cursing and spitting about 9:20 p.m. Feb. 14 inside at 3941 Chestnut St.

His night probably didn't improve much after that either. Joshua T. Sewell, 27, of the 1300 block of 10th Street was charged with disorderly conduct for his actions, according to .

In another Upper Milford incident, police said a patron inside a township social club wasn't much happier two days earlier. It's unlikely his victim was either.

Police are searching for a man who arrived at the club in Vera Cruz and grabbed the head of a 44-year-old man whom police did not identify and threatened him. The assailant at at 3718 Main Road East left in a silver pickup truck, police said. Police are investigating the incident as harassment.

State police also released the following incident:

Theft: Reported Feb. 19 at 4825 Shimerville Road by Geoffrey Bryan Mack; scrap metal including an older stove taken from an area near a trash bin in front of the residence, police said; $200 value.

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