22 Aug 2014
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By the Numbers: Saucon Valley Preferred Romney

If only Saucon Valley voters had been the deciders, Republican Mitt Romney would have won the presidential election. Although Barack Obama received more votes in Hellertown, Lower Saucon Township went heavily for his opponent.

By the Numbers: Saucon Valley Preferred Romney

The fact that Romney-Ryan signs seemed more prevalent throughout the Saucon Valley in the weeks before the election was in fact something of a bellwether, because according to Northampton County unofficial general election results, the Republican candidates carried the school district in Tuesday's presidential election thanks to support from Lower Sauconites.

The results were remarkable only in that they were predictable by looking at historical voting patterns, and that they represent one of the few divergent areas among two municipalities that are well-known for sharing everything from a school district to a compost center.

Historically Democratic Hellertown borough favored Barack Obama this year, as it has done with Democratic presidential candidates in the recent past.

Obama received a combined total of 1,415 votes in Hellertown's three wards (he won all three), compared with Mitt Romney's combined total of 1,072.

In traditionally Republican Lower Saucon Township, however, the opposite held true.

In the township's eight precincts--all of which he captured--Romney recorded a combined total of 3,178 votes, while Obama won a total of 2,477.

The combined totals for Hellertown and Lower Saucon Township--where third party candidates received minimal support--were:

Obama (D): 3,892

Romney (R): 4,250

Unlike the Saucon Valley, Obama won a majority in Northampton County, the Lehigh Valley (Lehigh and Northampton counties) and helped contribute to his victory Tuesday.

Tell us how you feel about Barack Obama's victory, or Mitt Romney's loss, in the comments section below. Also, how do you interpret the voting differences illustrated by the election results from Hellertown and Lower Saucon Township?

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