Plans have been submitted for that will include a 24-lane bowling alley and cocktail lounge inside the former Regal Cinemas multiplex at the Saucon Square shopping center in Lower Saucon Township, the Express-Times reported April 12.

and was purchased by local real estate developer Joseph Posh last year, and the bowling alley will be operated by Revolutions Entertainment, of Murrells Inlet, S.C., according to the story.

A name for the facility was not disclosed, but ."

When , Patch readers overwhelmingly had negative things to say about it.

"It's a terrible name that doesn't tell me anything about what I could do there," reader Geri Flores said. "I hope they rethink this."

As of April 15, 88 percent of the Patch readers who voted in the poll said they "hate" the name.

According to the Express-Times article, Posh said he hopes the entertainment center will open in five or six months.

When it does, patrons can expect operator Revolutions Entertainment to enforce strict codes of conduct and dress, according to information posted on the company's website.

The code of conduct includes the stipulation that "no offensive language" be used, and states that "management reserves the right to deny entry in all venues for rude, argumentative, offensive behavior or language."

The dress code stipulates that all baseball caps worn at Revolutions Entertainment facilities must face forward, and forbids the wearing of "doo rags," skull caps and "toboggans."

"Management reserves the right to interpret policy as it sees fit to maintain an upscale atmosphere and the right to deny access due to any unacceptable caps or offensive clothing," the dress code states.

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