15 Sep 2014
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Question of the Week: Do You Like Ice Cream Trucks?

Ice cream trucks are popular with most kids, but parents' views tend to vary.

Question of the Week: Do You Like Ice Cream Trucks?

There seem to be two schools of thought when it comes to ice cream trucks.

Some love them for their convenience, as well as the nostalgia associated with purchasing a frozen treat from a big painted truck that comes rolling into the neighborhood to the tune of "The Entertainer" (or a similar ditty).

Others, however, do not appreciate temptation being delivered to their doorstep by vendors whose motivation is profit. Obesity rates are already high among adults and children, and the easy availability of high calorie treats may be a concern to some parents.

Finally, there are safety concerns associated with purchasing something from a moving vehicle. Although most ice cream trucks are operated at very slow speeds, and bear "CAUTION: CHILDREN" signs, there is still the potential for a small child to excitedly dart into oncoming traffic when one appears.

What's your take on the old ice cream truck? Do you "scream for ice cream" when it appears in your neighborhood, or do you stick your fingers in your ears in an attempt not to hear that jolly old-time music?

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