23 Aug 2014
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Tell Us: Will You Shop at Pharmacy That Was Raided?

The Hellertown Pharmacy remains open, in spite of the fact that two of its pharmacists are accused of participating in a multi-million dollar prescription fraud scheme.

Tell Us: Will You Shop at Pharmacy That Was Raided?

Relationships between pharmacists and customers are based upon trust.

Two local druggists, however, are accused of breaching the trust of their clientele.

Last week, Hellertown Pharmacy employees Lena Lasher, 45, and Peter Riccio, 59, were indicted by federal authorities on charges related to .

In March of this year, North Dakota authorities accused them of engaging in a similar operation.

The charges announced last week were made public after the Hellertown Pharmacy--which opened with a highly-publicized celebration nearly two years ago.

In spite of the raid and the arrests the pharmacy remains open, although the employees who were working there late last week declined to comment when asked about Lasher and Riccio, according to an Express-Times article.

The same article indicated that a pretrial conference for the two Hellertown pharmacists is scheduled for Dec. 10.

Lasher and Riccio are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but in light of the charges, some customers may decide to shop for their prescriptions elsewhere.

Tell us in the comments below: In light of the allegations against Lasher and Riccio, do you trust the Hellertown Pharmacy? If you've been a customer, what do you plan to do with your business?

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