Jul 28, 2014
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Horsham Home a Top 24 Finalist in Patch Contest

Voting ends Sunday and Chris and Sharon Fedele's Horsham entry needs lots more votes.

Horsham Home a Top 24 Finalist in Patch Contest

The could win $100,000 in Patch's Deck the House contest - but only if the community votes for Chris and Sharon Fedele's Horsham home

Voting ends Jan. 8. 

The last weekend before Christmas the road leading up to the Fedele’s Horsham home is “usually a parking lot.”

Spectators come near and far to take in all of the family’s outdoor lights on their extravagantly decorated home - a residence that’s tops in Patch’s Deck the House contest. In fact, the couple’s home is among the top 24 national finalists, meaning that is in the running for $100,000.

“This is the first time being in something like this,” Chris Fedele said. “We looked at it and we thought, ‘we’ll throw our hats in.’ ” 

The Fedeles had hoped to be narrowed down to the top 800. So, one could imagine that Chris would be “floored” after hearing how far they had made it.

And, since each top 24 finalist is guaranteed $500 to help pay those holiday-sized electric bills, entering was well worth it already. So, how much do the Fedeles spend on lighting their roughly 40,000 lights each of the 11 or 12 years since they started decking their house?

“That’s information I don’t reveal,” Chris Fedele said.

Check out the entries here and vote for your favorite.  

National voting continues through midnight EST on Jan. 8. Vote once a day, every day — and feel free to share the link on all your social networks!

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