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This Was Hatboro-Horsham, 1911

A look back at Hatboro and Horsham, 101 years ago this week.

This Was Hatboro-Horsham, 1911 This Was Hatboro-Horsham, 1911

From the Public Spirit, Week of Aug. 19.-25, 1911

Two men race from Hatboro to Willow Grove -

A sporting event occurred one evening this week in Hatboro, when Andrew the barber and Brown the bootblack, of Moreland avenue, were boasting as to their abilities as runners.

To settle the question which was the best, a race to Willow Grove was proposed. The purse was to be $4, each man to place $2 in the hands of O'Regan, the bartender.

When it came to raising the funds each man was short, so O'Regan lent 50 cents to Brown and $1 to Andy. The winner of the race was to telephone his arrival at Ehrlich's hotel.

Brown claims he distanced Andy and reached the hotel first, and went upstairs to telephone. When he came down, there was Andy quietly drinking beer, waiting, as he claims, for Brown to arrive. Both men came back to Hatboro claiming the stake.

O'Regan is in a quandary. If he pays the money to Brown, Andy declares he will not pay back the $1 loan. On the other hand, if he pays Andy, then Brown will not return the 50 cents borrowed.

How to decide the question is such a momentous one that it has frazzled the barber shop assembly all this week, and they have referred it to the Spirit. Unfortunately, the sports editor is away on vacation, and others of the force decline to tackle the job. The printing office devil suggests that O'Regan impound the fund and treat the crowd.

Thieves hit three houses in Horsham -

Early Saturday morning thieves made a raid through Horsham village, where they visited the residences of G.S. Fillman, Charles Rutherford and the Watson house.

At Fillman's, thieves entered through a kitchen window and ransacked the lower floor. The booty secured consisted of about $4 in money, taken from the pocket of a coat; two fountain pens, two new razors, and a pair of gold glasses, in all valued at about $25.

At Rutherford's, entrance was made through the sitting-room window. His desk was searched but nothing of value was taken. It is thought that the thieves were scared off by Mrs. Rutherford's getting up. She heard noise on the porch but did not see anyone.

At the Watson house, some money was secured. The police were notified in all three instances, but so so far no arrests have been made.

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Hatboro business men discuss trolley, train service -

The Hatboro Business Men's Association met Thursday evening in the Town Hall.

A delegation from the Hartsville Association was present to urge united action looking to the extension of the trolley line from Hatboro to Hartsville. The Hartsville Association has compiled figures that would indicate that a revenue of about $9,000 a year could be expected from the business to be developed along the extension. The matter will be presented to President Kruger, of the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company.

An effort will be made to have the Reading Railway continue the early morning train on the North East branch, which was temporarily restored after having been discontinued earlier in the summer. The railroad officials have set a date in September when the train is to be discontinued. If the train is taken off, it is said that Ivyland will lose five families and Hatboro at least three, because the heads of these families use this train to reach their work in Philadelphia.

The association will try to have the railroad keep this train on the schedule. Failing in that, they will make an effort to have the Rapid Transit Company put on an earlier trolley car from Hatboro to Willow Grove. The first car now leaves Hatboro at 6:06 a.m.; a car leaving at 5:30 would be early enough.

The effort made to induce the County Commissioners to widen the Pennypack bridge on York road did not succeed, as the county claims not to own the bridge. According to the old datestone it was originally built in 1780, but by whom is not known at this time.

A committee of the Business Men's Association will make an investigation and try to learn who the builders were. The date of the building was long before the charter of the turnpike company, which now cares for the structure and is its reputed owner.

Horsham school board offers $5 reward -

The Board of Directors of Horsham school district have long been annoyed by the trespass and unlawful actions of some person or persons, who have repeatedly tampered with and broken locks, pried open shutters and forcibly entered school houses of the district, either with malicious or criminal intent.

Board President Isaac Tomlinson has announced the board is offering a reward of $5 for information that leads to the detection and arrest of such offenders.

The board calls the attention of the general public to Section 628 of the New School Code, which makes it a crime to "willfully or maliciously break into, enter, deface or write, mark or place any obscene or improper matter upon any public school building, or other building used for school purposes, or any outhouse used in connection therewith.

"If any person shall injure, damage or destroy and shade trees, shrubbery, fences or any other property of any kind upon any public school ground, such person shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof, shall be sentenced to pay a fine of not less than $5 and not more than $200, or undergo an imprisonment in the county jail for a period not exceeding six months, either or both at the discretion of the Court."

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Hatboro and Horsham Happenings -

Farmers in Horsham have been marketing large quanities of sugar corn this week. Several have used hay rack wagons to haul out the corn, finding market wagons too small to haul the loads.

Work has been started on the new house of Walter Rothwell on Moreland avenue, Hatboro.

Miss Emma Comly, of Horsham, is enjoying a vacation from her duties at the Hatboro National Bank.

Wilmer Wood and daughter, Martha, returned to Hatboro on Tuesday from a trip to Niagara Falls, Thousand Islands, etc.

William Tyson of Horsham is having some repairs made to the buildings on his property.

Rev. F.C. Colby will preach in the this Sunday at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. The morning sermon topic, "Does Righteousness Pay?" Evening topic, the second sermon of the series, "Life and Its Hindrances." Everyone is welcome at these services.

Israel Hough, of Ambler, is spending some time with his uncle, William J. Hallowell, of Horsham.

Pearl V. Allen, of Hatboro, met with a painful accident last Wednesday when she fell from a hammock and broke her thumb.

The house of J. Megargee, of Horsham, is being pushed rapidly. It will be very fine when completed.

A party of young folks, including several Hatborians, is camping along the Perkiomen in the vicinity of Collegeville.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Worth and daughter, Mabel, of Horsham, have returned from a ten days' trip through the New England States.

While descending the stairs from the second story on Tuesday morning, Mrs. Anna Arnwine, housekeeper for George Emory of Hatboro, fell and broke her knee cap. Dr. J.B. Carrell was summoned and had her removed to the Samaritan Hospital.

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