22 Aug 2014
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Get the New Facebook Changes Now

Developers are able to access the changes earlier than expected. Now you can, too.

Get the New Facebook Changes Now Get the New Facebook Changes Now

The maelstrom is just settling now over the main page and news feed changes of Facebook.

You have probably heard the fervor over more upcoming changes to Facebook, particularly this thing called a "timeline."

I instituted the new changes last night, and while hestitant at first, I must say I love them.

Facebook allows developers to get the changes earlier than the rollout date. You have this capability through Facebook.

The influence rubbed off on my fiancee and a couple of our friends. Lo and behold, they love it, too.

The timeline is great because it organizes your old posts, photos and videos into the years you posted them on Facebook.

Instead of searching and clicking through albums or "Older Posts," you need to just scroll down on the timeline, now in two columns instead of one.

I was amazed to reminisce over the old videos and photos I had forgotten about that brought a smile—and often a laugh—to my face.

Furthermore, you can add what's called a Cover Photo to your new profile page. It's almost like you have two profile pics now.

Important to note: It does not change the main feed page. Those recent new changes will remain as such. And, yes, you can still write on walls under the new, NEW Facebook.

If you want to get the new changes now, instead of in a few weeks when they are officially instituted, follow the steps below.

Be aware that only friends who have done this same process can see the new changes. Everyone else will see the old changes.

1. Log into your Facebook account

2. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps

3. At the "Request for Permission" screen, click Allow

4. On the upper right click the box that says "+ Create New App"

5. In the "App Display Name" and "App Namespace" box, write in whatever you want. It doesn't matter. Just be sure to use all lowercase in the second box.

6. You will need to type in a CAPTCHA.

7. You will be directed to a screen with "App > (Your App Display Name) > Basic" at the top. On the left side, click "Open Graph"

8. The next screen will say "Get Started with Open Graph."

9. In the two boxes under the heading "Start by defining one action and one object for your app," type in anything you want, but make sure both fields are less than 20 characters in length.

10. Then, click "Get Started."

11. On the next screen, do nothing except for scrolling down and clicking "Save Changes and Next."

12. When you get to the Open Graph dashboard, do nothing and wait a couple minutes.

13. Go back to your Facebook home page. You will be prompted with a drop down screen that asks you to get the Timeline now.

14. Click "Get it Now," and you will be taken to the new Timeline.

15. After you've chosen a photo as your cover photo, click "Publish Now."

Voila! New Facebook.

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