There’s a special comradery amongst the band-mates of Razor. They like to poke fun of one another, but they all respect each other.

This past Saturday, they played at the Five Points Sports Bar in Levittown. Razor is a cover band, which plays everything from the 1960s to the present. They’re a jack-of-all trades.

"We do a really wide variety of music," vocalist Jordan "Shorty" Bitterman said. "It’s all rock, but it’s all punk rock, to classic rock, to hard rock to metal."

When Razor plays, their passion shows.

"We’re high energy," lead guitarist Brian Tenney said. "We’re not statues. We’ve got crowd interaction and we want people to get involved."

"We don’t like a lot of downtime inbetween tunes," vocalist Bitterman said. "Keep the alcohol flowing and keep the people dancing."

There’s a 20-year range between the members of the band, but Bitterman said the age gap has nothing to do with the music they play.

"We play what we like, and it just happens that we incorporate a variety of styles and time periods," Bitterman said.

Some of the bands they cover include Stone Temple Pilots, the Black Crows, Led Zeppelin, Buck Cherry, Aerosmith, Metallica, Matchbox 20, Tonic, Candlebox, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice In Chains and Fuel to name a few.

The band started in October. They found one another on Craig’s List. Bitterman has 20 years of singing experience to go along with 13 years of playing guitar. Brian Tenney has played guitar for more than 30 years. The drummer, Ryan Donovan, has 30 years of experience. Lastly, Paul Demurl has played bass off and on for 12 years. 

Jim Sherry and Mark Cunningham don’t play, but they’re important assets to the success of the band. Sherry is a booking agent and audio man, while Cunningham sets up the equipment and makes sure nobody touches the wires.

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