Jul 29, 2014
Partly Cloudy

Bouncing Around In Temperature

A couple of storm systems will bring unsettled weather on Tuesday and Friday, with temperatures starting cold and ending up not so bad by week's end.

Bouncing Around In Temperature

The last four weeks have featured a rather typical winter in terms of temperatures.  We might not have had the levels of snow some want, but temperatures over the past 30 days have averaged out to where they should for the coldest stretches of winter.  This week is going to feature a relaxation of some of the wind-whipped cold that frosted us on Sunday. It's not out of the realm of possibility that temperatures could end up near 50 by Tuesday afternoon and again by Saturday afternoon in parts of the region.

This week will feature a pair of storm systems that will work through the region ― one on Tuesday that will bring rain in the midday and afternoon hours followed by a second storm system that will bring either rain or snow showers to the region.  The first system is relatively easier to pin down on precipitation types ― that looks to be all rain. The second one is a bit more uncertain at this point, but does look to be a more showery type of event regardless of what falls.

The Friday system could linger into Saturday before departing, setting up a seasonably mild weekend that will continue into the last week of February. In fact, a significant warmup is possible in advance of a larger storm system for the middle of next week. Of course, that warmup may come with a windswept rain, but it does look like the wintry pattern that's more or less ruled the roost since mid-January will begin to ease somewhat towards the end of February.


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