Jul 28, 2014
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Development Proceeding in Limerick Township

New homes on Cherry Lane and Lewis Road; Welsh Subaru expanding

Development Proceeding in Limerick Township

The Limerick Township Board of Supervisors saw the first site plans for a at Tuesday night's meeting.

The new homes will be built at the corner of Cherry Lane and Lewis Road, on the Linsenmaier farm. East and West Cherry Lanes will be straightened out and joined at the existing West Cherry Lane intersection. 

The development plan will have 160 apartments in six buildings and 31 townhomes. Two of the apartment buildings - the two closest to the existing homes on East Cherry Lane - will have sections that are two stories. The rest of the apartments will be three-story walk-ups. 

Board chair Kara Shuler said she liked the two-story design. 

"It doesn't tower over the homes that are already there," Shuler said. 

The board also heard from an engineer representing Welsh Subaru on Ridge Pike in Limerick. 

Welsh Subaru is working on plans to expand its service offerings. They will be going through the land development process so they can build a new service garage with larger bays.

They also plan to repaint their existing parking lot.

The supervisors commended Welsh Subaru for their recent landscaping work on the Ridge Pike frontage of their property.

"He did a good job, planting trees and shrubs," supervisor Joseph St. Pedro said.

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