Jul 30, 2014

Firefighters Gather Truckloads of Donations

A convoy of goods left this morning for Long Island.

The Royersford Fire Department, the Washington Fire Company No. 1, the Plymouth Fire Department and the Terry Farrell Fund collected three trucks' worth of goods and gear during a twelve-hour donation drive on Saturday. 

Volunteers were taking donations as people pulled up in cars, sorting them into boxes, and packing boxes in trucks. The fire departments also loaded Royersford's Rescue 98 and one of the box trucks with gear to re-supply several devastated fire companies on Long Island. 

Washies Captain Mike Maxwell was very pleased with the donations coming in.

When Patch was at the donation drive around noon on Saturday, Ridge Rentals had agreed to provide a third truck because the first truck of clothes, toiletries and cleaning supplies was nearly full. 

"It's only twelve o'clock and we're almost out of room [in one truck]," Maxwell said. 

Check back with Patch on Monday - we'll have photos of the convoy arriving on Long Island once the Royersford firefighters get home!

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