Jul 28, 2014
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Limerick Woman's Efforts May Save Young Cat

A local woman has made some serious sacrifices to try to save her 13-month-old feline friend.

Limerick Woman's Efforts May Save Young Cat

The following clip comes from Gary Puelo of The Times Herald:

Suzanne (last name withheld) estimates she’s spent far more than that in a desperate attempt to save the life of her cat Luke, now about a year and a half old, who she adopted as a stray kitten when he was just a few months old.

Initially, much of her money was consumed by tests to diagnose what was wrong with Luke, who would be overcome by seizures.

In trying to get Luke the help he needed she made the rounds of vets in the area, especially emergency clinics.

At one point, she said she was given some advice that no pet owner ever wants to hear — which only fortified her resolve to help Luke.

“He’s been to so many emergency vets when he goes into a seizure,” said Suzanne, who lives in Limerick and works in Audubon.

She said that at least one facility advised her to euthanize the cat.

Eventually an MRI performed a year ago revealed an “obstruction located centrally and filled with fluid ” in Luke’s brain.

But Suzanne’s hopes were buoyed soon after that by an especially compassionate vet in the Blue Bell area who took an interest in Luke and asked to remain nameless.

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