Jul 26, 2014
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Man Found Hiding in Applebee's Ceiling

Employees noticed a man had walked into the restroom at Applebee's and then vanished.

Man Found Hiding in Applebee's Ceiling

ROYERSFORD, PA—A homeless man was found concealed in the ceiling of a local Applebee's on Sept. 20. 

Employees called police to report a suspicious person who had walked into the Royersford restaurant and gone into the restroom. The employees told police they thought the man might have been wearing a wig.

When they checked the restroom, the person appeared to have vanished. Employees then noticed that an access panel in the ceiling had been moved and that there were footprints on a toilet below the panel. 

Limerick police officer Timothy DiGregorio entered through the access panel, and reportedly found 44-year-old Leslie Hornung III in the crawlspace.

Police found a wig and gloves in the crawlspace after Hornung exited. The report states that Hornung allegedly disguised himself because he worked at Applebee's and would have been recognized by other employees. 

Police say they believe Hornung planned to hide in the crawlspace until the Applebee's closed and then commit a burglary of the business. 

Hornung, who has an extensive criminal history according to the report, was arrested and charged with felony trespass and felony attempted burglary. He is incarcerated at Montgomery County Correctional Facility pending a hearing. 

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