Jul 30, 2014

Police Warn Parents About 'Weed Candy'

Upper Merion and Limerick Township police warn parents about the possible spread of THC-laced candy.

Police Warn Parents About 'Weed Candy'

The Limerick Township police department warned parents yesterday via a post on its Facebook page that a new form of drug delivery has been seen in the area and parents should be careful about kids having items that could be laced with drugs. 

A report on WPVI Channel 6's website says that candy made with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, was found recently in Upper Merion Township.

Upper Merion Police Detective Andrew Rathfon told 6ABC that a parent brought them the candy and asked to have it tested. 

Rathfon also said that the candy could be laced with other drugs or hazardous material. It's often made in someone's home, so people who ingest it are "trusting whoever made that substance. It's scary." 

The main concern is that it offers kids easier access to illegal drugs; because it looks like candy, it could be taken to school because it's easily concealed. 

The WPVI report says parents should look for "unwrapped or re-wrapped candies that look like Jolly Ranchers."

Limerick Township police chief William Albany said that he posted the warning on their Facebook page because "it's something parents should know about." 

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