Jul 30, 2014
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Update: Trio had Burglary History

A joint Upper and Lower Providence townships’ police investigation leads to solving a string of recent burglaries.

Update: Trio had Burglary History

According to a previous Patch report, three accused in a string of Upper Providence and Lower Providence burglaries, went before Magisterial District Judge Cathleen Kelly-Rebar, for a preliminary hearing July 31.

The hearing was for Justin Cox, 22, Raven Brooke Miller, 21, and Julie Ann Warburton, 22, who were each charged with several counts of burglary, criminal trespass, theft from a motor vehicle and related offenses, according to a criminal complaint filed by Upper Providence Township Police detective Raymond Bechtel.

 At the July 31 court appearance, Cox, Miller and Warburton waived their right to a preliminary hearing, and were issued bail of $100,000. According to judge Kelly-Rebar, the bail amount was to keep the three out of general population, during their time at Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

According to an affidavit, filed by Bechtel, starting in May 2012 Upper Providence Township Police and Limerick Township Police departments began experiencing a rash of residential burglaries, occurring throughout each respective jurisdiction.

Police found that the burglaries appeared to have similar methods of operation, sharing the same common plan, scheme and design.

According to the affidavit, all the burglaries occurred during the daytime hours, took place in single-family dwellings, and entry into the homes were either by unlocked doors, cutting screens to doors, or entering through open or unlocked windows.

In all of the burglaries, the affidavit states that jewelry was the predominant stolen item, with other miscellaneous property .

The following synopsis of criminal activity involving Cox, Miller and Warburton is taken from Det. Bechtel’s affidavit:

  • On May 28, Cox and Miller admitted to police of stealing $15,000 worth of property from a home in the Mont Clare section of Upper Providence; including a 37-inch T.V. and a Cannondale road bicycle.
  • On May 29, Cox and Miller admitted to police in participating with a burglary of an Upper Providence home in the Phoenixville section, via an unlocked door, while Warburton remained in the vehicle. The three were reported to have stolen $1,125 worth of property, including two engagement rings.
  • On June 19, Cox, Miller and Warburton admitted to to police to burglarizing a residence in the Mont Clare section of Upper Providence. The affidavit states that Warburton drove and Miller and Cox entered the home, using a card to unlock the door. An estimated $1,500 worth of jewelry was taken from the property.
  • On June 20, $500 in jewelry was missing from a residence in the Mont Clare section of Upper Providence, which, according to the affidavit, Cox and Miller admitted to police in burglarizing the home, while Warburton stayed in the car.
  • On July 5, the affidavit states that Lower Providence Township Police responded to a residence in the Trooper section of the township for a reported theft from a vehicle. One of the items, a set of Warth golf clubs, worth an estimated $210, was missing from the vehicle. The owner is reported to have checked online listings and found his property being sold on www.craigslist.com. Later police investigation would find the clubs were being sold by Ah’s Garage, a pawn shop, located in Norristown. This information led police in finding that the clubs were sold to Ah’s Garage by Warburton. According to the affidavit, Cox, Miller and Warburton admitted to police in stealing the golf clubs, with Miller confessing to police that he removed the clubs from the vehicle’s open rear window.
  • On July 8, as previously reported by Patch, and according to Bechtel’s affidavit, Miller and Cox broke into a home in the Audubon section of Lower Providence, and took $8,599 worth of stolen property, including a guitar and amplifier set and a Dewalt circular saw; while Warburton remained in the vehicle and later selling the musical equipment to Ah’s Garage. Miller admitted to police in selling the tools to One Stop Pawn, also located in Norristown.
  • On July 13, at 12:45 p.m., a burglary was interrupted by the homeowner on the 300 block of Walnut St. in the Mont Clare section of Upper Providence. The homeowner described the offenders as two white males fleeing in a red vehicle.

According to the affidavit, the Lower Providence Township Police and Upper Providence Township Police departments began a joint investigation into the burglaries and thefts, which resulted in naming Cox and Miller as the suspected males, both of whom have the same 500 block Hollow Road in Phoenixville address; while Warburton was found to be the third suspect, who has a 2000 block First St., Norristown address, and operates a 1997 Toyota Tercel.

Bechtel states that thorough the checks of local pawn shops, police were able to discover that the three suspects had been selling large amounts of property and jewelry beginning in May of 2009.

Police also confirmed that the property and jewelry were stolen. In addition, Bechtel states that all three suspects were known heroin users through previous police encounters.

According to Bechtel, By July 23, Cox, Miller and Warburton were interviewed by police concerning the burglaries, and admitted to police in participating with the aforementioned burglaries in Upper and Lower Providence townships, as well as the theft from a vehicle in Lower Providence Township.

According to Bechtel, they also admitted to police that with most burglaries, Warburton would act as the driver, while Cox and Miller committed the burglaries, to sell, in order to purchase controlled substances.

Cox, Miller and Warburton will have a court appearance set for Sept. 12 to state their pleas.

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