Jul 28, 2014
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Corbett Abandons Plan to Privatize Lottery

The plan was to have been one of Corbett’s priorities, but was met with resistance from nearly every angle.

Corbett Abandons Plan to Privatize Lottery

Gov. Tom Corbett has abandoned his plan to privatize Pennsylvania’s lottery system.

Corbett on Monday said that he was canceling an agreement with Camelot Global Services, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. The British gaming company would have managed the Pennsylvania Lottery under Corbett’s plan.

Corbett announced the lottery privatization plan in April 2012, calling it one of his legislative priorities, but met with resistance from the State Attorney General, unions, senior citizens groups, and other lawmakers, the Inquirer said.

The Pennsylvania Lottery saw $3.7 billion in sales in the last fiscal year; $1 billion was sent to state programs that help the elderly.

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