Jul 29, 2014
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Historical Photo Location Revealed: Lowland Farm

The photo depicts a farm house on Fetter's Mill Road that might just have a twin in Lancaster.

Historical Photo Location Revealed: Lowland Farm Historical Photo Location Revealed: Lowland Farm

OK, this was a tricky one. The we posted last week was in a neighborhood that most people wouldn't have cause to visit.

The photo, taken in 1979 and provided by the East Whiteland Historical Commission, depicted the house at 10 Fetters Mill Road. The home was built in 1850 and is still standing today, as pictured above.

According to commission member Tim Caban, the house is commonly referred to as "Lowland Farm," but it is listed on the East Whiteland Historic Sites list as the Michael Lapp House. And the house might even have a twin in Lancaster, according to a phone call 

As recently as last month a man named Samuel Stoltzfus called to give me some more history on the house.  He is an amish descendant of Michael Lapp and lives in a house on Feree Farm in Lancaster.  He told me that there is a house that is virtually identical to the Michael Lapp house in Lancaster that was built at the same time by the same family around 1850.  

Stoltzfus made the call from a neighbor's phone, in case you were wondering.

We had several guesses; none nailed the anwer completely, although there was some great background about the area's history, e.g. the "Stinkin' Lincoln."

One commenter, , deserves partial credit for being in the right neighborhood:

It is the Almay's old home off Lapp Rd. across from insurance company. It is about a mile from red light at Lapp & 401 going north on Lapp Rd..

Caban said Light might have been referring to the Abraham Lapp House, built a century before the Michael Lapp House, which is located nearby.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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