15 Sep 2014
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How Long Can Pizza Slices Stay Out?

The county health department dings restaurants if they leave slices out too long.

How Long Can Pizza Slices Stay Out?

Have you ever looked at pizza slices sitting out at a restaurant and wondered how long they'd been there?

The answer: Less than four hours, assuming the restaurant is complying with health guidelines.

One local pizzeria did not meet that standard when it was inspected in January. At least, it could not prove it was compliant, because employees were not tracking the time slices sat out.

Here's the relevent code cited in the pizzeria's violation: 

46.385(c) --Time tracking or pizza sold by the slice is not being completed. Provide a written means of tracking placement or discard times. Pizza must be thrown out within the required four hour time limit. Product may not be returned to storage.

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