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Which GVSD Teachers Will Play the Harlem Wizards?

See the names and nicknames of the "Ichabod Squad," a team of GVSD employees who will play a charity basketball game Saturday.

Which GVSD Teachers Will Play the Harlem Wizards?

A group of Great Valley teachers and staffers will take to the hardwood this weekend to play a charity basketball game against the David Paul and the Harlem Wizards.

The two games will be held Saturday, Dec. 1, at 3 and 7 p.m., with ticket proceeds benefitting local charities including Great Valley PTO's, GVCO, The Foundation at Great Valley and Friends of the East Whiteland Fire Company.

"Tickets have been selling at a mad pace, but we still have some left for anyone interested," said Henry McCloskey, a GVHS teacher who oversees the Desmond Project, which is organizing the games.

Tickets to the games cost $10. A ticket order form is posted on the  GVSD website (PDF).

Behold, the roster of the Ichabod Squad:

 TitleFirst"Nickname"LastSchool1 Mrs. Nanette "All in your face" Allred KDM 2 Mr. Erik "Baby Got Beck" Beck Charlestown 3 Mr. Derek "Deep Threat" Brogan GVMS 5 Ms. Marie "Kentucy" Derby Charlestown 6 Ms. Brittney "No Hablo Ingles" Ehrenzeller GVHS 7 Ms. Theresa "Almost" Famous GVMS 8 Mr. Ray "Weightroom" Fulmer G.W. 9 Ms. Jenn "Pull Up J" Gleason Charlestown 10 Ms. Jamie "Cheese" Himmelberger Charlestown 11 Ms. Kristin "Icy Hot" Keating KDM 12 Ms. Jenn "Jumping" Kyler KDM 13 Mr. Lewis "Devine" Levine Sugartown 14 Mr Chris "The Dill Pickle" Pickell Charlestown 15 Ms. Amy "The Rusher" Rauscher Sugartown 16 Mr. Todd "Tell Me A" Riddle Sugartown 17 Mrs. Meredith "Shakespear" Rieger GVHS 18 Ms. Karen "Rocky" Scholz GVMS 19 Mr. Jim "Jersey Shore" Simpkins KDM 18 Ms. Maria "Tamato" Stamato GVMS 20 Mr. Chris "Get Out The Vote" Vogt Charlestown 21 Mr. Kenya "Air" Walker Sugartown 22 Mrs. Jennifer (coach) "Scooter" O'Mara GVHS 23 Ms. Heather "Who Needs a" Cain GVHS 24 Ms. Brianna "Stuffin" Duffin   25 Mr Bobby "I Kick Fieldgoals" Eppleman G.W. 26 Mr. Michael "The Mullet" Flick GVHS 27 Mr. Kyle "The Mess" Hess GVHS 28 Mr. William "Big Mac" MacNamara GVHS 29 Ms. Amy "Hard in Da Paint" McGregor GVHS 30 Mr. Jeff "The Next Luke Skywalker" Moyer GVHS 31 Ms. Maureen "Mighty Mo" Pankowski KDM 32 Mr. Gary "Beefcake" Phillips GVHS 33 Mr. CJ "Smooth" Savage GVMS 34 Mr. Matt "Shloppy" Schultz GVHS 35 Mr. Matt "Sand be Gone" Torresani GVMS 36 Mr. Alex "High Altiude" Venarchik GVHS 37 Dr. Dan "Half Nelson" Goffredo   38 Ms. Jeanne "Make It Rain" Anderson KDM 39 Ms. Karin "All about the phys.ed." Allende GVHS

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