Jul 28, 2014

Blotter: Drunk Woman Found Lying on Street, $5K Stolen From Car

The following information has been provided by the Newtown Township Police Department. Any arrests or charges mentioned do not indicate guilt or conviction.

Blotter: Drunk Woman Found Lying on Street, $5K Stolen From Car

NEWTOWN SQUARE–On Dec. 8 at approximately 11:30 a.m., Newtown police responded to the 100 block of Tanglewood Drive for a reported theft from a vehicle. According to the report, the vehicle owner told police he had went to his unlocked vehicle at approximately 7 a.m. that morning to take his son to hockey practice at which time he discovered that approximately $5,000 was missing from his wallet which was left in the vehicle. According to the report, an iPad and a set of golf clubs inside the truck were not taken. The man had planned to use the cash to purchase jewelry that day, according to the report. The vehicle owner told police he believes it may have been taken by an employee of his bridge demolition and building company in Philadelphia.

Woman With .141 BAC Found Lying On Street 

On Dec. 9 at approximately 4:15 a.m., while on patrol, police observed a woman lying in the street on Chestnut Street and College Avenue. According to the report, a man and another woman were attempting to get the woman onto her feet when police pulled up to the woman. Police observed the woman’s eyes were extremely bloodshot and was unsteady on her feet. In addition, while speaking to the woman, police detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from the woman, according to the report. When the woman was able to stand up, police asked for her ID. The woman, who was identified as a 28-year-old from Wayne, submitted to a portable breathalyzer test administered by police. A BAC of 0.141 percent was recorded from the woman. The woman was cited for public drunkenness.

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