Jul 26, 2014
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How Great Is Our State?

A recent ranking of every state in the union placed Pennsylvania squarely in the middle.

How Great Is Our State?

How’s the state of Pennsylvania’s union?

Turns out the commonwealth is kind of average. In a recent ranking of the states by Politico, Pennsylvania was placed squarely in the middle, at No. 26.

In advance of Tuesday’s State of the Union address, Politico ranked every state in the union (and the District of Columbia) on a number of different factors, including high school graduation rates, per capita income, crime rates and life expectancy. The information came from a variety of sources, including the Census Bureau, FBI and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Pennsylvania was placed at No. 8 for the nation’s highest reading scores, but didn’t place in the Top Ten for any of the other individual rankings.

Overall, New Hampshire garnered the top spot, and Minnesota, Vermont, Utah and Massachusetts rounded out the Top 5.

At the very bottom were Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

And Pennsylvania’s neighbors? New Jersey ranked 12th; Maryland 21st; Delaware 24th; New York 27th; and Ohio 34th.

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