23 Aug 2014
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Meet Worrall Teacher Larysa Dragonetti

Meet this teacher at Worrall Elementary School who has a passion for music.

Meet Worrall Teacher Larysa Dragonetti

Marple Newtown Patch is featuring great teachers in the Marple Newtown area who deserve some spotlight. Teachers give a lot to their students, schools and studies and we'd like to recognize them and say a simple, thank you, for all that they do. Meet this Worrall teacher, who has a passion for music and teaching music.

According to Worrall Principal John Trezise:

Regardless of being an outstanding music teacher who inspires the love of music and dance in all of her students, she is an active member of our Building Leadership Team (BLT) and spearheads numerous school improvement initiatives in that capacity. She writes grants that have funded our Reading Garden and our most recent addition, Mother Nature’s Nook, which is an outdoor learning area for kindergartners. She searches out recognition opportunities for her students and colleagues, and regularly nominates folks for them. She shies away from being recognized herself which is one of the reasons I feel she deserves your recognition. She serves a s PTO liaison and actively supports every and any Worrall event including assemblies and shows, field day, academic incentive programs, PSSA prep, Go Green Team…the list is endless. 

Name: Larysa Dragonetti


Grade/Subject: General music with kindergarten through 5th grade

Years in the Industry: 14

Teaching History: 

I completed my student teaching requirement at Russell Elementary School and started teaching private piano lessons during my college years. Presently, it is my privilege and pleasure to be the music teacher at the great Worrall Elementary School, a position I have held for the last 14 years.

What do you like most about your job? 

The easy answer is: working with the kids. Our Worrall kids are truly amazing. But I have to say that I absolutely love my Worrall family! We truly work well together. There is always something going on at Worrall and everyone gets involved and makes a genuine contribution to the success of each initiative, project or program. Everyone goes that proverbial extra mile. From the teachers, assistants, principal, counselor, secretaries, to the custodians, cafeteria ladies, nurse, etc. We all share a common goal: to provide the ideal, safe, positive academic environment so that our children can meet with success.

Why did you become a teacher? 

I was always good at and passionate about music, and teaching is a great creative outlet for me. I appreciate having the opportunity to inspire that same passion for music in kids and encouraging their creativity.

What do you like best about your current school (projects, programs or activities that your school is a part of): 

I am proud of the many great programs we have at Worrall. In August we held our annual Bully Prevention/Character Education Program update meeting. This year's theme/slogan is "What doI stand for?" The Worrall teachers, staff members, principal and parents will work together tomake our children aware of the expectations regarding behavior and then challenge them and give them the opportunity to do and be their best.


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