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Police Blotter: Car Windows, Apartment Door Smashed, Fake Checks and Prescriptions, Car Stolen

The following information has been supplied by the Marple Police Department. If arrests or charges are mentioned, they do not indicate guilt or a conviction.

Police Blotter: Car Windows, Apartment Door Smashed, Fake Checks and Prescriptions, Car Stolen

Construction Company Receives Fake Checks

On Oct. 12 at 1:54 p.m., responded to A-Jon Construction in Springfield for a reported theft/fraudulent incident. Upon arrival, police met with the office manager who said that a check was issued to them was returned from the bank as a closed account. According to the incident report, the date of the check was for Sept. 21, 2011, for the amount of $326.48. The manager told police they remembered the same customer had done committed the same incidents in October 2009 with several fraudulent checks of $662.50, $845.35 and $410.75, said police. Police are further investigating this incident.

High School Locker Room Ransacked, Items Taken

On Oct. 12 at approximately 2:10 p.m., a woman came into the Marple Police Station to report her son’s calculator had been taken from a locker at Cardinal O’Hara High School where he attends school. According to the woman, her son had entered the gym locker room after school and placed his personal belongings in a locker there. The metal screen was pulled down and locked, sealing the room, according to police, but several windows were left open for ventilation. The woman stated her son and the rest of the football were team were then transported to an away game. When the team arrived back at the school, the lockers had been ransacked and many reported missing items including small electronics, cell phones, etc. The calculator is valued to be $158.99.

Woman Take $200 Worth of Items From TJ Maxx

On Oct. 11 at 4:55 p.m., police responded to the in the Lawrence Park Shopping Center for a woman in custody for shoplifting, according to the incident report. The store officer stated that the woman had concealed numerous types of merchandise in a black bag and then exited the store. The store officer stopped the woman outside the store and returned to the security office. The total amount of merchandise taken was valued at $212.82. The woman was arrested and returned to the police station.

Thefts From Vehicles in Planet Fitness Lot

On Oct. 11 at 10:11 a.m., police met a man who reported a theft from his vehicle. According to the incident report, the man told police he was at on Monday, Oct. 10, from 6 to 7 p.m. He told police he parked his 2002 Chevy Silverado in front of the gym’s parking lot at the top of the lot by the exit ramp. Before entering the gym, he told police he secured his credit cards and cash and placed them in the truck. He told police he was certain he had locked his car. Upon leaving the gym and entering his car, the man said he checked his car to discover that $520 in cash that he had wrapped up was gone. According to police, no other items were taken.

On Oct. 10, police responded to the Planet Fitness parking lot for a reported theft from a vehicle. Upon arrival, police spoke with the owner of a 2010 Ford pickup truck and told police he entered the gym at 6:10 p.m. When he entered the gym, he hung his keys on the key rack by the front desk. When the man returned to his vehicle around 7:30 p.m., he discovered the truck was unlocked and a green Giant grocery bag was missing from the truck. According to the incident report, the bag contained his work clothes, his wallet, which included credit cards, a debit card and his driver’s license as well as about $30 in cash missing from the vehicle.

BMW Wrapped in Plastic, Bags of Sand Placed on Roof

On Oct. 10 at 8:20 a.m., police spoke to a woman who wanted to report that her son’s red BMW was wrapped in plastic overnight and bags of landscaping sand had been placed on top of the car. In addition, the Springhouse Road street sign had been placed on the front bumper area.

Man Hits Another Man With Baseball Bat

On Oct. 9 at 7:25 p.m., police reported to a home on Stanfield Lane in Broomall for a domestic assault involving a weapon. According to the incident report, information came over the police radio informing police that a man had struck the victim with a baseball bat and left the scene. Police discovered the vehicle on Cedar Grove Road at Macarie Lane and attempted to stop the vehicle. The driver pulled over but refused all requests to exit the vehicle stating that he was going to Wawa and call 911, according to the incident report. After more refusals to exit the vehicle, police were able to eventually get the man out of the vehicle and transported him to police headquarters. Police then went to speak with the victim who told police that he was out on the back deck smoking a cigarette when the arrested man approached him, spoke profanities toward him, went back into the home and locked the door on him. The victim attempted to enter the house through a side door without success and then the front door of the home. The man then grabbed an aluminum bat from his truck and struck the victim in the left leg. The man then got into his truck and left the scene. Upon searching the man’s vehicle, police said the bat was not discovered but a military-style knife was discovered in the truck.

Woman Steals Pairs of Men's Pants, Socks

On Oct. 9 at 3:1 p.m., police responded to the Marshalls retail store in the Marple Crossroads Shopping Center for a reported theft. An employee told police she observed a woman remove a sensor on two pairs of pants in the men’s department and conceal them in an Old Navy bag. The woman also selected a pair of socks and concealed them in the bag as well. The woman continued to the front of the store and passed all points of sale with no attempt to pay the items, stated the incident report. The amount of items taken was valued at $49.97. She was arrested and charged for retail theft.

Oriole Road Home Gets Egged

On Oct. 8, police responded to the 2600 block of Oriole Road for a vandalism report. The homeowner told police that she was sitting in her living room when she heard several bangs against her windows. The woman discovered that someone threw several eggs at her windows. By the time the woman looked outside, she was not able to see anyone leaving the area.

Brick Smashes Through Glass Sliding Door

On Oct. 8 at 6:13 a.m., police responded to the of the Lewis Building for a criminal mischief report. The woman told police that someone had just broken her sliding glass door. Upon arrival, police discovered could see a large hole in the sliding glass door, stated the incident report. Police were able to locate a brick in the kitchen area of the apartment which appeared to be the object thrown through the window, said police. According to police, the brick appeared to be similar to ones located just outside the sliding glass door to the apartment.

Person Fakes Oxycodone Prescriptions at Pharmacies

On Oct. 4 at 2:23 p.m., police responded to the on 1991 South Sproul Road in Suite 625 for a fraudulent incident. Upon arrival, police spoke to the office manager who told police that she was contacted by Main Line Health in reference to several fraudulent prescriptions which an unknown person had attempted to pass at two separate pharmacies, according to police. The woman stated that the doctor did not have this person as a patient nor did the doctor prescribe this person for Oxycodone. The first prescription was faxed on Sept. 4 to Dava Pharmacy in Landsdowne for 120 30mg of Oxycodone tablets and another prescription was faxed on the same date to the Rite Aid Pharmacy on Island Avenue in Philadelphia for 120 30mg Oxycodone tablets. According to the manager, the prescription form did not match the doctor’s actual form nor the phone number. Police are further investigating this incident.

Missing Vehicle on South Park Way

On Oct. 3, received a report from an owner of a 1999 Chrysler LHS who told police he had parked his car in the parking lot outside Snyder Manor on South Park Way around 2:30 pm. on Oct. 2. At 4 a.m. on Oct. 3, the man told police he went to look for his vehicle and could not locate it. The man told police he did not have the car keys, and believed he dropped the keys after parking the vehicle the day before, said police. Police are further investigating this incident.

Minor Steals Sandwich From 7-Eleven

On Sept. 29 at 2:17 p.m., police responded to the store on Springfield Road for a reported theft. The owner of the store told police that someone had just stolen a sandwich from the store without paying. Upon searching the area, police were able to locate the described juvenile at the gas station. The juvenile denied he had stolen the sandwich after questioning by police. After reviewing the store’s videotape, which revealed the juvenile eating the sandwich and discarding the wrapper in the middle of the parking lot. According to the incident report, police arrested the juvenile and transported him back to police headquarters. His mother was notified. The juvenile was charged with retail theft and littering.

Windows Smashed on Cars Along Marple Woods Drive

On Sept. 29 at 6:51 a.m., police responded to the 100 block of Marple Woods Drive for a reported damage to a vehicle. The owner of the vehicle told police that the passenger-side rear window of his vehicle was broken sometime overnight. According to police, nothing was stolen from the vehicle.

At 7:41 a.m., police responded to the 200 block of Marple Woods Drive for a reported damage to a vehicle. The owner of the vehicle stated that someone had broken her vehicle windshield. The woman told police that her vehicle was parked in front of her home all night and did not hear anything unusual ovenright. A large rock was found in close proximity to the vehicle, which police believe was likely used during this incident. According to police, nothing was taken from the vehicle.

At 8:16a.m., police discovered that the van parked next to the damaged vehicle at the 7:41 a.m. incident also had the rear windows broken out. The van is a white van owned by the Church of Love Korean Church. The van was parked in the designated commercial vehicle parking lot, according to police.

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