Jul 28, 2014

Primary and School Board Election Day in Marple Newtown

Two contested races are happening in the elections on May 17–Marple Newtown School Board and the Newtown GOP primaries.

Primary and School Board Election Day in Marple Newtown

Whether you're a registered Democrat or Republican, there are a few contested races in the Marple Newtown community Tuesday. Patch brings you a recap on what you need to know for the May 17 elections before you vote. Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. in both townships. Check back with Patch later for election results.

Although there isn't a contested race for 's Board of Commissioners this year, residents can still vote for candidates on Tuesday. School board candidates in the state can cross-file for the primary race, meaning that voters from either party can vote for candidates from either party.

There are eight candidates in the running for five, four-year seats on the board. Only two incumbents are seeking re-election in this year's race. Those who put their names in the ring include Fred Dewey, Genevieve Fox, Hector Lopez, Jamie Mariano, Sherry-Lee McAuliffe, Robert Sack, Richard Sokorai and Matthew Stepanic. To read more about them and their platforms, click .

In addition to voting for five school board candidates, residents can also vote for their Newtown GOP primary candidate choice on Tuesday. A heated race with , newcomer Edward Partridge is challenging long-time Supervisor Linda Houldin's seat for a six-year term on the Board of Supervisors. To read more about these candidates, click .

The Delaware County Council has three, four-year term openings on the council. The council candidates for Tuesday's election are: Keith Collins (D), Lin Axamethy Floyd (D), John P. McBlain (R),  Thomas J. McGarrigle (R-Incumbent), Colleen P. Morrone (R), and Jayne Young (D).

The District Attorney candidates in this year's election include and Jack Whelan (R), the current Chairman of the Delaware County Council. Only one, four-year seat is up for grabs.

Here is the list of polling locations in both Marple and Newtown townships.

Marple TownshipWardLocation1 , 105 North Sproul Road
2 , 227 South Sproul Road 3 , 204 Lawrence Road 4 , 369 N. Central Blvd. 5 , 2979 Pennview Ave.
6 , 2201 Sproul Road 7 , 815 Paxon Hollow Road
Newtown TownshipPrecinctsLocations1 , 201 Bishop Hollow Road
2 , 100 Media Line Road
3 , 3625 Chapel Road 4 , 209 Bishop Hollow Road 5 , 8 N. Newtown Street Road 6 , 3600 Goshen Road 7 , 3301 West Chester Pike 8 , 327 N. Newtown Street Road

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