23 Aug 2014
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Patch Instagram photo by seastar720
Patch Instagram photo by seastar720

Romney: Maintain America As An Opportunity Society

GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney speaks to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters from Delaware County and beyond on April 4 at The Iron Shop in Broomall.

BROOMALL–At at in Broomall, supporters were ramped up to his campaign, "More Jobs, Less Debt, Smaller Government."

Romney, who noted the differences between him and President Barack Obama, stated the only thing in common they shared was that "this election will define the future."

If elected president, Romney said, "I will cut spending, cap spending, and I will finally get America to a balanced budget. I will get the economy going again."

Unlike Obama, who "doesn't understand the market because he's never worked in the market," Romney said Obama was out of touch with the American people.

"He [Obama] believes he's doing a good job. Opportunity and freedom drive the economy. I want to maintain America as an opportunity society," said Romney to several rounds of loud applause.

But to help defeat Obama in the presidential elections, Romney asked for the public's help to "take the next step" on April 24 in the Pennsylvania Primary Election.

"The next step in taking back America and restoring opportunity and freedom and putting people back to work and strengthening our middle class, growing America, allowing us to maintain a strong military...keeping America the shining light on a hill and I will do that with your help. So let's get out and vote and let's get this job done," said to .

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