20 Aug 2014
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Patch Instagram photo by seastar720

Springfield Valentine's Event to teach "The Art of Marriage"

Sign-ups are now underway for married (and engaged) Delaware County couples to learn about love and relationships.

Springfield Valentine's Event to teach "The Art of Marriage"
With the Christmas season over and winter here for a few more months, a Springfield church is offering couples a chance to heat up their marriages by getting back to some relationship basics.  The historic Blue Church on Baltimore Pike is offering a program for married couples and couples thinking about getting married.  What better time for such a workshop than Valentine's Day?

While the event isn't for another month, the time to sign up is now. 

Organizers sent the following description of the event to Springfield Patch:

On February 14th (Valentine 's Day weekend), The Blue Church in Springfield
will be offering "The Art of Marriage" sponsored by Family Life Today. The
seminar is designed to help those who are married, or any couple who is
thinking about being married to come and be encouraged in their

This will be a time where couples from all over Delaware County will join together to learn how to strengthen their relationship as well as how to best deal with problems that may come up. Those who attend will see the beautiful picture of marriage as communicated through God's word, the Bible.

The seminar is designed to be interactive, funny,challenging and filled with encouragement (and some food and give-aways!).

During the evening and day of the seminar, couples will be invited to go on
dates with each other and have some "break-away" times in our church where
they can go off on their own and enjoy some private conversations that will
be driven by questions designed to help them to grow together as a couple.

So, whether a couple's relationship is strong or they feel like it could use
some strengthening, this would be a great seminar for any couple to attend
who wants to learn more about God's wonderful plan for marriage. The cost is
only $20 per couple. 

If you are interested in registering or learning more, please visit The Blue Church's website at   www.blue-church.org/. You can also feel free to call the church (610-544-3122) and leave a message for Robert Ladonne if you have any questions or have trouble registering.

The Blue Church is a non-denominational bible teaching Christian church whose
purpose is to call all people to spiritual growth in Christ Jesus.

Why do they call it "The Blue Church?"

In 1832, the leader of a historic Springfield family, George Bolton Lownes, erected a small church building on a parcel of his farm adjoining Baltimore Pike. He had come to personal faith in Christ out of Quakerism and desired a means of honoring the Lord before he died. In his will he left the chapel as a place
of worship, "free for the use" of any who would observe " ...the doctrines
of the Christian religion as set forth in the New Testament, and
especially...the doctrine of the proper divinity of our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ..."

The Blue Church's building, which is now the oldest standing church
building in Springfield, came to be known as "The Blue Church" because
Lownes had constructed it of blue Pennsylvania limestone, which turned a
shade of blue in wet weather.

For the next hundred years, the building was used as a place of worship only intermittently. In 1933, a home Bible study group received permission to reopen the building and the congregation known as "The Blue Church" continues to minister to Springfield and the surrounding communities.

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