Jul 28, 2014
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Craigslist Ad: Media Borough Council for Sale

The 3rd Street Project conversation continues.

Craigslist Ad: Media Borough Council for Sale

The conversation and debate over the 3rd Street Project continues with residents offering opinions and apparently the "sale" of Media Borough Council on Craigslist.

Last week, Broomall's Lake Country Club filed a contempt of court petition against Media Borough following its . The petition claims the borough violates the May 2011 three-way stipulation agreement between the borough, the county and BLCC.

Delaware County has not joined in the filing of the petition however is a party to the petition due to the three-way stipulation agreement, according to the county's attorney Adam Matlawski.

"(The county's) understanding (of the stipulation agreement) is that the borough would make the repairs to the roadway," Matlawski said. "Our understanding was that it was to be two-way but as of now the county doesn't have a formal position on it."

Matlawski said because of the stipulation agreement however the county will attend any hearings regarding the contempt of court filing and wants to see the repairs made to the roadway.

Public Discussion Ongoing as 16-Year Debate Continues

Media Borough Council is "for sale" for $5 on this craigslist ad posted on Oct. 2 by an unknown user.

"Price is $5 but is highly negotiable. Pick up only. Just don't travel via 3rd Street as there will be no bridge to bring you into town anytime soon," the ad states.

Two recent bloggers on Media Patch also had opposing views on the issue.

Media Democrats Co-Chair Debbie Krull posted a Local Voices blog saying the one-way, one-lane decision is a compromise for all parties involved.

"Broomall's Lake Swim Club keeps its lake; the impact on the county owned park is reduced significantly; both Media and Upper Providence will have improved emergency access; traffic patterns will be calmed, enhancing pedestrian safety; and the pedestrian walkway will enhance opportunities for recreation. Perhaps most importantly, the cost of the project is contained," Krull says in the post.

However, that all RTM taxpayers have been paying for the closed roadway as school buses have had to detour and deserve the opportunity to weigh-in on the issue.

"At 180 school days per year, that translates to $54,000 of taxpayer dollars needed to divert school children around Third Street," Brown Barusevicius estimates.

"I am presenting to you a valid, tangible and quantifiable measure of why the RTM school board should most definitely have a say in this matter. You represent ALL the students and families that live within the district, not just one municipality. This blatant disregard to the financial implication of a selfish decision benefiting so few, yet impacting so many, should not be tolerated," .



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