Jul 29, 2014

Top 5 Reasons To 'Like' Media Patch on Facebook

Find out what you’re missing if you don’t “like” Media Patch on Facebook.

Top 5 Reasons To 'Like' Media Patch on Facebook Top 5 Reasons To 'Like' Media Patch on Facebook

Want to know what’s going on in Media? Want to help Patch decide what to cover?

  1. You’ll see updates on Media stories in your Facebook newsfeed.
  2. See pictures that never make it to the Media Patch page
  3. Have your say in what needs to be covered. When we are trying to decide what to cover, we turn to our Facebook followers to see what interests them most.
  4. Get the extra details on stories that don’t make it into Media Patch.
  5. See the local information from other local groups and businesses that Patch has looked through and shared so you don’t have to go through it all.

You’ll get all this by liking Patch, but you won’t get all of it all of the time because Facebook has changed the way it gives you the news from businesses that you like.

If you want to make sure you see it all, you need to change a few settings. Go to the Media Patch Facebook page. Hover your mouse over where it says "liked" and click on "add to interest lists." (see the image associated with this story if you’re not sure where to click)

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