Jul 29, 2014
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Budget Process Poses Challenge for Crescent

Commissioner reports that while expenses are rising, a tax increase is not in the works.

Budget Process Poses Challenge for Crescent

Karen Patton told fellow board members last night that she had to make large cuts while creating the township's 2012 preliminary budget. 

"We really had to condense for 2012," Patton said. "Public works, the police department and insurance are taking up huge chunks of the budget and are costing us a lot more than they were even in 2009."

Patton said while operating expenses were rising, the township was committed to not raising taxes, making it difficult to balance next year's budget. 

But she also said that she is pleased with the result of the preliminary budget, which she developed alongside township manager Patience Eckhardt. 

"Patience and I sat for hours and hours to work on this budget and our total is only about $5,000 higher than the 2011 budget," she said.

The board approved a motion to advertise next year's budget. The document will soon be available for public viewing.

Commissioner Bill Keller said the township was still awaiting a report on the potential cause of the  The roadway, which leads to the township's Shouse Park, has been closed since May while township officials explore a remedy for the slide. 

Board members last month for a Community Infrastructure and Tourism Fund Grant, which if awarded, will supplement the cost of work on the landslide. The final cost has not been determined. 

Correction: This article first reported an incorrected budget amount for the township. Crescent Township's projected preliminary budget for the coming year is $5,000 higher than the current year's budget. 

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