Jul 26, 2014

UPDATE: Democrats Counter Paul Ryan Visit With Moon Press Conference

GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will be in Moon on Saturday—and so will local Democratic leaders.

UPDATE: Democrats Counter Paul Ryan Visit With Moon Press Conference

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, a Democrat, will hold a press conference on Lindbergh Drive in Moon Township, countering Paul Ryan's Saturday GOP campaign stop at the nearby Atlantic Aviation hangar. 

Fitzgerald will be joined by Braddock Mayor John Fetterman and county labor council president Jack Shea on Saturday morning at the War Memorial Fountain at the corner of Lindbergh and Memorial drives.

The conference takes place at 9 a.m.

Obama campaign spokesman Matt Mittenthal said the conference will "discuss how Mitt Romney's sketchy deal for American would be disastrous for Pennsylvania's middle-class families." 

Update: Following the press conference, the Obama campaign released this statement on Fitzgerald's behalf: 

“Having Paul Ryan in town helps illustrate who the real candidate is at the top of the ticket. As we’ve learned over the past few weeks, Mitt Romney will say anything to close the deal. After campaigning for president the past six years as “severely conservative,” he’s now playing hide-and-seek with voters. As the President said yesterday, he’s got a case of something we call ‘Romnesia,’” Fitzgerald said.

“Suddenly, after months of talking about a $5 trillion tax cut geared toward the wealthy, Mitt Romney claims he doesn’t know anything about it. But we know the reason Mitt Romney’s trying to hide his policy proposals: It would be politically “suicidal” to provide specifics, as his advisers have said themselves.”

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