Jul 30, 2014
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Montour Students Adjust After Ingram Closure

The school year kicked off on Aug. 27.

Montour Students Adjust After Ingram Closure

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette takes a look at how Montour elementary students are adapting to their new classroom settings. 

The district , consolidating elementary grades between its Burkett and Forest Grove elementaries. 

Kindergarten, first and second graders are now housed at Forest Grove while third and fourth-graders attend Burkett. 

The P-G reports that most students and faculty took to the new arrangement without a hitch. 

Students at Burkett kick off the school day about 15 minutes before their younger Forest Grove counterparts, which means some families now have two buses to catch in the morning. 

During the summer vacation, furnishings, equipment and supplies were exchanged from Ingram to the other two buildings. Parent-Teacher Associations also merged, the newspaper reports.  

But for some students the new arrangement comes with its perks.

"My sister goes to a different school now, and I'm glad," Sarah said.

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