Jul 28, 2014
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The Moon Mom: 'Too Pretty for Homework' Shirt Sparks Controversy

Do some T-shirts send a sexist message to young girls?

The Moon Mom: 'Too Pretty for Homework' Shirt Sparks Controversy

I love to shop.

Going to the mall, the grocery store, shopping online, shopping at flea markets -- if there is merchandise for sale, I want in on it. 

I really like to find cute things for my children to wear, which becomes more difficult as they get older because the styles get more and more mature. When I say mature, I mean anything larger than size 24 months.

It seems like the clothes for children are little business casual ensembles better suited for a teeny tiny executive than a baby. Sure, there are a lot of “baby-ish” things out there, but why does a little boy need a dresser full of button-down shirts?

Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom and Katie, has been photographed wearing kitten heels, clutching purses that cost more than my rent, and sometimes sporting a smear of lipstick. Obviously she lives in a different world, but it seems to be a bit much.

Then there was the recent hoopla when T-shirts for tweens and teen girls came out,  including one from  J.C. Penney Co. stating: “I’m too pretty for homework so I make my brother do it." Forever 21 has one that says ” Allergic to Algebra,”  and another for even smaller girls reads “Future Trophy Wife.

Message shirts are intended to give a chuckle to those who read them, and the wearer is someone who is trying to be funny or ironic. Do young girls understand the messages they are sending?

Many are too young or immature to understand women's rights. For every “Allergic to Algebra” T-shirt that is worn, there's a woman trying to excel as a math academic major or in a profession. Women have come a long way, but there are still glass ceilings that need to be shattered.

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