Jul 29, 2014

Over $2,000 Raised for Nazareth Fire Victims

Friends, family and the community helped raise over $2,000 for the Weisenberger family of Nazareth after a devastating fire engulfed their garage, two vehicles and their home on July 11.

Over $2,000 Raised for Nazareth Fire Victims Over $2,000 Raised for Nazareth Fire Victims

The Nazareth community who lost its home, garage and two vehicles in a fire on July 11.

"I am proud to announce that over $2,000 has been donated to the [Weisenberger] family through the donation jars and generous 10 percent promotion a few weeks ago," said Ben Miller, a Nazareth resident who set up a  Facebook event page the same night as the fire, asking members of the community to help raise money for the family of three.

All of the donation-jar money has been placed in the Weisenbergers' bank account, Miller wrote in a Facebook message to more than 140 people who joined the "Fundraiser for Nazareth Fire Victims PLEASE HELP!" page.

However, that's not all.

The $2,000, added Miller, is in addition to household products donated by and gift cards donated by Sonic and . Community members who ran online fundraisers through Tastefully Simple, Scentsy and Avon will also deposit funds into the family's bank account in the near future, according to Miller.

In his message, Miller made sure to thank everyone who stepped up to the plate to help a local family.

"I'm very proud to live in a community like Nazareth, where people genuinely care about one another and are so willing to help a neighbor in need," Miller wrote. "Thank you to all who donated!"

But there were a few more thank-you messages posted on the wall of the Facebook page that made all of the fundraising efforts worth it.

"Thank you again to everyone who participated in the fundraiser to help out my family," wrote Chuck Weisenberger, the son of Charles and Robin Weisenberger. "My parents and I are truly struck by your generosity, and cannot ever properly express our gratitude. From the courage displayed by the firefighters to the kindness exhibited by all of you, this incident has demonstrated what a wonderful community we live in."

The youngest Weisenberger has made sure the Nazareth community knows how grateful his family is, posting messages on the Facebook page as soon as he and his parents were able to find Internet access.

On July 16, five days after the fire, Weisenberger posted a statement from his parents:

After having access to a computer last night, we were able to read articles published in local newspapers regarding our fire and learned the extent of Nazareth’s commitment to assist community members through moral and financial support. 

We are overwhelmed with the fund-raising campaigns and donation efforts of individuals and area businesses on our behalf. It began with caring, compassionate individuals such as Ben Miller, Paul Klotz, Bruce Orwig, many business owners, and extended to even our younger residents, Hailey & Destiny.

While we suffered a major loss, we are thankful there were no injuries to family members, neighbors, or emergency personnel. Insurance coverage will assist in the rebuilding of our home and our basic needs are being met at this time. 

We truly appreciate the Nazareth community outreach and feel the best way to show that appreciation is to re-invest in our community and its residents. We plan to use a portion of your fund-raising campaign funds to make donations to local fire companies and to the American Red Cross. This will assist these organizations to continue providing service and support to other community members during their time of need. Thank you.

Charles and Robin Weisenberger

What happened on Monday, July 11 that brought so many people together:

It was a seemingly quiet Monday afternoon, and Charles Weisenberger of 135 N. New St. had just finished mowing his lawn.

He rolled his lawn mower into his garage, like he had done a countless number of times; however, his lawn mower caught fire for unknown reasons, engulfing his garage and home in flames.

About a dozen fire companies -- the company from Newton, NJ even responded -- and ambulances descended on the Weisenbergers' home. When the fire was extinguished, Weisenberger and wife Robin, who have a son in college, had lost their garage, two vehicles and their home.

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