Jul 29, 2014

Waiver Sought by Faust Construction Tabled Until January

Owner of J.R. Faust & Sons Construction says stormwater management standards set by the state Department of Environmental Protection are 'impossible' to meet.

Waiver Sought by Faust Construction Tabled Until January

Issues with stormwater management have dammed up plans for a small residential development near Hanoverville Road -- by the -- in Lower Nazareth Township.

Estate at Deer Crossings, a development being planned by , would consist of several houses on one-acre lots.

Jim Faust, owner of the construction company, headed to the Lower Nazareth Board of Supervisors meeting Wednesday night to request a sidewalk waiver, but the final decision has been tabled until January.

Faust explained that he received approval from the township for the small housing development in 2008, but he is still waiting for final approval from the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

The problem lies in the need to pass new standards -- set in 2009 under the Clean Water Act -- for stormwater management, Faust said.  

“We’re having all kinds of problems with DEP,” Faust told the board. “[Developing] is not fun. It used to be fun.”

According to Faust, the regulations are making it "impossible" for him to meet standards because the planned development has too much impervious area. To meet standards, Faust was told, he must reduce the amount of paved and developed area.

Larry Turoscy, owner of Lehigh Engineering Associates Inc. in Walnutport, told the board, “The impervious cover to meet [DEP’s] requirements is killing us.”

Faust does have one idea, however: If sidewalks aren't constructed, there would be more ground for water to drain into.

Houses in a development close to his property do not have sidewalks, according to Faust, so sidewalks on his land would lead to nowhere.

According to minutes from the March 12, 2008 board meeting, Faust had previously pursued relief from constructing the sidewalks. The township's Planning Commission, however, did not recommend that supervisors waive the sidewalks, so they stayed.

Chairman Eric Nagle wished to have more of an opportunity to discuss the situation with the township engineer and staff. The sidewalk waiver has been tabled until January.

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