Jul 26, 2014
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BCCC to Issue Photo IDs Before Election

The photo IDs can be used at the polls in November.

BCCC to Issue Photo IDs Before Election

Bucks County Community College announced today that it will offer current students photo IDs that can be used at the polls this November.

While Pennsylvania's new voter ID law is still being tossed about in the courts, the college's iniative will ensure all current students have the necessary photo identification needed to cast their ballot.

Under the new law, an acceptable form of identification is a current student ID from an accredited state public or private institution of higher learning as long as it contains the student's name, photo and a current expiration date. 

BCCC's standard student identification does not currently have a photo or expiration date, explained spokeswoman Jean Dolan. But to prepare students for the election, BCCC will take photo IDs on specific dates starting today.

The schedule is as follows:

In order to get a BCCC ID, you must be currently enrolled at the college. Bring a copy of your class schedule as well as another form of ID.

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