Jul 28, 2014
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Cobblestone Brewing Company Coming to Newtown in 2013

The brewery will be located on Friends Lane in the Newtown Business Commons and will offer local sales with the hopes of eventual widespread distribution.

Cobblestone Brewing Company Coming to Newtown in 2013

Come 2013, there will be a new business in town. And the nature of it will please many a beer lover.

Cobblestone Brewing Company will be opening in Newtown Township this summer. The brewery will be located on Friends Lane in the Newtown Business Commons and will offer local sales with the hopes of eventual widespread distribution.

Three local residents and businessman are starting the brewing company.

Ken Ogborn, Mick Petrucci and Paul Salvatore, all members of the Newtown Business Association, are excited to make their vision for a brewery a reality.

Cobblestone Brewing Company will be different from other area breweries in that it won’t be a pub – there will be no food served. Patrons can come to the brewery and try samples and then purchase growlers and bottles for take out.

There are also plans to distribute Cobblestone Brewing Company cases and kegs throughout the region.

The trio plans to renovate a 4,500-square-foot warehouse space next to Holland Floor Covering to create the perfect atmosphere to sell their beers. “It’s really going to look sharp when we get done with it,” Salvatore said. “It’s a big open area with a high roof.”

Ogborn, an avid home brewer and owner of Action Karate, will be the brew master. 

Ogborn, who is already hard at work crafting the brews that will soon be served with a Cobblestone label, said there will be three or four staple beers – most likely a Belgian blonde, a porter and Weiss beer.

Then, based on the season, the brewery will offer special beers like the Hallow’s Ale – a pumpkin beer that won first place in the Newtown Brewfest homebrew contest.

Currently the trio is looking to raise capital to get off the ground. “We are utilizing the help of some local professionals,” said Petrucci, the president of the Newtown Business Association.

Cobblestone Brewing Company is going to be “all about Newtown,” Petrucci added. “Newtown is part of our logo. We’re trying to use as many local people as we possibly can to get this project off the ground.”

Additionally, he said, when the doors open, Cobblestone will be looking to hire people from Newtown and even source local products as part of the ingredients that go into the beer.

Some local restaurants are already on board to serve Cobblestone on tap, said Salvatore.

But all three men say they hope – and intend -- for Cobblestone’s reach to spread beyond Newtown.

“We’re building an iconic brand that is starting here in Newtown and expanding out,” Petrucci said.

“This is going to be a national brewery with its roots in Newtown,” Ogborn added.

For more information, check out  Cobblestone on Facebook or visit www.cobblestonebrewing.com 

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