23 Aug 2014
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One Monopoly Piece Will No Longer Pass Go

The makers of the popular board game have asked the public to choose a token for retirement and its replacement.

One Monopoly Piece Will No Longer Pass Go

Each time the Monopoly box is cracked open, one of two things happens right away: Everybody rushes to get the best piece, and somebody is bummed that they got the one token nobody ever wants. Well, now is your chance to vote that one token out of the box.

Hasbro, the makers of the real estate-based board game, has started a campaign where fans can choose which of the eight classic tokens will be retired, and which of five possible replacements will be added to the mix.

Votes can be cast at the " Save Your Token" Facebook page from now until the contest ends on Feb. 5. The token with the fewest votes will be removed and replaced with the new token that earned the most votes for games that hit the shelves in mid to late 2013.

To review, the classic pieces up for banishment are:

  • car
  • thimble
  • iron
  • shoe
  • dog
  • battleship
  • hat
  • wheelbarrow

The new ones for consideration, chosen to reflect almost 80 years of progress since the game was first introduced, are the following:

  • diamond ring
  • guitar
  • toy robot
  • cat
  • helicopter

Hasbro encourages the fans to vote once a day and to start campaigns to save their favorite pieces. AAA has already joined in the fun by leading the fight for the racecar.

“Without the race car, how else are you going to get to the shore?" jokes Jenny M. Robinson, Manager of Public and Government Affairs for AAA Mid-Atlantic.  "The race car is the only automotive token in the Monopoly game.  Millions of motorists will be heartbroken if it disappears."

As of Wednesday night, the dog and car are firmly safe in the top spots, while either the iron or the wheelbarrow is looking at a life sentence in jail.

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