15 Sep 2014
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Council Rock North Teacher to Be Honored by Phillies

Dave Greenockle is one of 10 teachers who will be honored before the Phillies game against the Washington Nationals.

Council Rock North Teacher to Be Honored by Phillies

A Council Rock North teacher will be honored Friday during the Phillies' Teacher Appreciation Night. 

Council Rock North senior Samantha Galing nominated North social studies teacher Dave Greenockle for the 14th annual contest. He is one of 10 teachers who will be honored before the Phillies game against the Washington Nationals.

According to the Phillies website, the Teacher All-Star contest asks students and adults to nominate teachers who had an impact on their lives. 

Galing's nomination of Greenockle was selected out of more than 1,000 entries.

The following is the nomation that Galing submitted to the All-Star Contest:

My name is Samantha Galing, and I am a senior at Council Rock High School North. My high school has so many amazing teachers but one in particular is changing the lives of kids and has changed my life. My 10th grade social studies teacher Mr. Dave Greenockle is changing lives inside and outside of North.

Mr. Greenockle is one of the most popular teachers at North. He's 33 years old, and every kid who has him loves him. Everybody comes out of his class with a whole new optimistic mind-set. He makes class fun, and he really connects with students.

Sadly, this year Mr. Greenockle is only working part time at North. He told me at 12:15 every day he leaves school and goes down to Bristol, PA to work with at-risk teenagers, give out food for the homeless and run a hope center to help the people of Bristol. When I first heard this, I didn't understand why he would leave his job at North to do this.

A few weeks later I received a sociology project to do volunteer work. I decided to ask Mr. Greenockle if I could go to Bristol to help out. That Friday I went and worked with underprivileged kids for four hours. I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life. Seeing how happy the kids were to be there was amazing. Instead of them getting into trouble or doing drugs in the streets of Bristol, Mr. Greenockle provides a safe center where they can have a light dinner, play indoor basketball, Xbox and board games.

During the four hours, they are allowed to play, except for a portion when Mr. Greenockle teaches them life lessons. He tries to give them different perspectives of life and connect it to their lives on a level they understand. Watching the way the kids look and respect Mr. Greenockle, I can tell they really admire him. Mr. Greenockle is in Bristol every Friday, while his one-year-old daughter and wife are at home. Instead of being home with his family, his Friday nights are spent helping other kids who aren't as fortunate. He goes there 6-7 days a week - planning, working and most of all changing lives. I now go down just about every Friday and help Mr. Greenockle with the program. I have NEVER met a person so inspiring. He is an example that one person CAN make a difference.

I feel Mr. Greenockle is somebody different and somebody very special who needs to be recognized. He is somebody who deserves to be known outside of Newtown and Bristol. He deserves to know what he is doing isn't going unnoticed. I want him to know so badly how much he has affected the lives of students and faculty at North, the people of Bristol and my life. The Phillies can help make this possible!

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