Jul 28, 2014

Norristown High Getting the Band Back Together

Teachers Vicki Blum and Joanna Laskey have taken over the program, which now has over 30 students participating.

According to The Times Herald, Norristown Area High School's marching band program, which had been suspended in September for lack of student interest, is being revived under the leadership of teachers Vicki Blum and Joanna Laskey. The pair reportedly mounted an phone and email campaign to save to band and enlisted the more than 30 student participants needed.

The school board is reportedly relieved by the news, having hoped that the program could be revived in some form.

"We never eliminated the funds from that program," School Board President Denise Ashe told attendees, according to the Herald. "We just put them on hold."

The board is scheduled to vote to reinstate the agreement for extra pay and extra duty for high school band activities at its Oct. 22 meeting.

In related news, the board discussed integrating the Robotics Club into the district's technology education program. Parents were concerned the program may be in jeopardy when the Instructional Data and Technology Coordinator position was downsized in September and popular robotics team advisor Beth Roth was let go, but the board has always maintained it intended to continue the program.

"The Tech Ed program has a unit in which robotics is taught," board member Pamela Assemacher told meeting attendees, according to the Herald. "The Robotics Club then will develop out of that into a club group that can then go out and compete."

Read more about the school board and related school news here.


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