Jul 26, 2014
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Police: Strong Arm Robber Robbed of Own Gun in Mid Robbery

Three men are facing charges stemming from a series of hapless attempted robberies early Tuesday morning.

Police: Strong Arm Robber Robbed of Own Gun in Mid Robbery

According to reports from the , a Philadelphia man, a Norristown man and an Ardmore man are all facing charges from a series of incidents that began with a robbery and shooting in West Norriton and ended with the three men in custody for various charges involving drugs, robbery, assault and weapons charges.

Police had reportedly been flagged down in the 500 block of West Marshall Street at approximately 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday by a man bleeding from a gash in his face. The man reportedly told police that he had been robbed and pistol whipped by a mugger, later identified as 21-year-old Kyante Blakely, of Philadelphia, but that had been able to overcome his would-be attacker with the help of a relative who happened upon the scene.

Police say Blakely was already a suspect in a pizza delivery robbery and shooting in West Norriton just minutes before to his arrival on the 500 block of West Marshall Street sometime after midnight on Tuesday, Aug. 28. Blakely reportedly encountered the victim walking home when he allegedly walked up beside him and stuck a black handgun in his abdomen and stated, "Give me all your money and everything in your pockets."

The victim told police that Blakely moved the gun to his head and then to his mouth and at that point Blakely and his victim arrived at the victim's home on West Marshall and encountered a relative in front of the house. Blakely allegedly turned the gun on the second man and said, "F--- you, Mexican. Give me your money."

As the two men complied with the demand, the first victim reportedly tried to disarm Blakely, but was instead struck in his head, causing a laceration to the victim's head and left eye. The force of the blow apparently caused Blakely to drop the gun and during the ensuing struggle, two passers-by, later identified as 35-year-old Joseph Barbour, of the 500 block of Noble Street, and 20-year-old Jacob Collazo, of Ardmore, appeared on the scene. Barbour allegedly grabbed the gun and witnesses say the pair took off running through Haws Alley to Haws Avenue where they were stopped and detained by  officers from both Norristown and West Norriton police departments. The two men were reportedly positively identified by witnesses to the West Marshall Street incident as the suspects who allegedly grabbed the gun and were taken into custody.

A search of Haws Avenue revealed a black and brown, semi-automatic 9mm Browning pistol cocked and ready to fire. Barbour reportedly told police he "only picked up the gun and took it so the guy wouldn't get killed!" Barbour and Collazo were subsequently searched and according to police, Barbour was found to be secreting three clear Ziplock baggies containing marijuana in his underwear beneath his scrotum. Collazo was reportedly found to be in possession of a clear Ziplock bag containing small blue pills believed to be Xanax. Both men were arrested and transported to the police station for questioning.

Back on the 500 block of West Marshall Street, officers reportedly discovered Blakely lying face up and semi-conscious on the sidewalk, along with both victims, one of whom was bleeding from the head. Medics were called to the scene to evaluate both the suspect and the victim. Blakely was reportedly transfered to in police custody. The victim was escorted to Montgomery Hospital for treatment as well. Blakely was reportedly cleared by medical staff and transported to the station for processing. At the station, police reportedly recovered two glass vials containing a yellow liquid consistent with "wet," or PCP, from Blakely's effects.

Blakely faces charges in Norristown including robbery, aggravated assault, firearms not to be carried without a license, theft by unlawful taking, possessing an instrument of crime and related drug charges.

Barbour is being charged with theft, firearms not to be carried without a license, and related drug charges. Collazo is facing disorderly conduct and related drug charges.

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