Jul 28, 2014
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Happy Anniversary to Northampton Patch

It's been a year since this Patch's launch, and the editor has a few things she'd like to say.

Happy Anniversary to Northampton Patch

Happy Patchaversary!

Tuesday marked the one year anniversary of and this editor's intrepid venture into several different types of unknown.

I began my time with Patch in December of 2010, a 21-year-old Penn State grad not short on experience but still nervous for the new adventure. I moved by myself away from home and school, the only two places I had ever lived for any significant time.

I began to settle in and learn the lay of the land. I rescued a terrier mix, named Belle, from the Bucks County SPCA, who quickly became the love of my life.

The community has since welcomed me into their offices, their homes and their lives. I was there when the auditorium was almost full with townspeople . 

I spoke with students, faculty and friends after the . The reminded the community that safe driving practices can be crucial, especially on some of the township's unlit roads.

I've seen the joy on the faces of people who realized that a longtime dream – to open a special needs baseball field for local children – was . I've also seen the , the kind of fire that can drive people in both productive and detrimental directions.

From the , to the that everyone wants to know about, Patch has been here. I planted myself in this community and have dedicated my time and efforts to not only getting to know it as a reporter, but as a neighbor and a member as well.

Thank you to those who took the time to meet me, to show me around, to explain the , to lead me in the right direction and to help me cover the stories that have punctuated community members' lives for the past 12 months. 

I appreciate the continued welcoming and help you may afford me, and I hope to keep bringing you the news and information you most want to hear. 

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